Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Painting During Sandy

I'm averaging one blog post per month now that school is back--not very good!  I finally had some time (thanks to Hurricane Sandy) to get some painting done.  The majority of Massachusetts escaped the storm without too much damage, but we did have two days of school cancelled.
Here's what I got done while I was stuck inside...

I've had this old desk sitting around for months, waiting to be painted.  I picked it up at a thrift store.  It's a really solid, well-built piece of furniture.

I painted it off-white, sanded it, and applied furniture wax.  I knew I wanted really cute knobs on this one, and I think these navy blue roses do the trick.

 I didn't paint the inside part where your feet go because I thought the white would just get dirty.  You won't see the scuff marks on the dark wood!




The desk is large enough for an adult, but would look really cute in a little girl's room.
The dimensions are: 42" across x 31" high x 20' deep; the chair opening is 22.5" across x 23.5" high.

This is for sale for $160. Please email if interested!